Meeting Koch @_abarth_595clubsport_

Meeting Koch @_abarth_595clubsport_

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first ever blog post! Here, we want to dive deeper into the Abarth community and get to know more about these projects and their owners. Offering the community a source of inspiration and a little bit of guidance from owners that have gone all in and created really special pieces of art!

When thinking about who to feature for our first ever blog post, a few people came to mind. Ultimately we hit Koch Guillaume (@_abarth_595clubsport_) up first. He has been a very active owner on social media for some years now and has created a project that a lot of people go to for inspiration, so what better than getting more details from the man himself?



- Before we start Koch, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello everyone, my name is Koch Guillaume.
I am the proud owner of the 595 Clubsport yellow Abarth.
I come from France and more precisely in Alsace, a wonderful region conducive to mechanical sports.
I am 35 years old and I am a musician by profession. I have a recording studio, I teach drums and I support different artists for several record companies.
I have always been passionate about sports cars, I've only had small GTIs because I feel perfectly at ease with the size and especially with the spirit they give off.

- It's really clear that the stock days are long gone, being one of the most heavily modified Abarths out there, can you give us a list of the modifications you've done to your yellow Abarth?

Of course!

•223HP - 356Nm remap
•YCBM high performance coils
•ORRA Racing air intake
•ORRA Racing intercooler
•TBF silicone hoses
•Prometeo increased oil pan
•Prometeo self-locking differential
•CAE ultrashifter •Camber front  2°
•Camber rear 1.95°
•Zesrino gredge07rs soft 215/40 17
•Oz Ultraleggera
•Coilover Novitec Competizione
•Ferodo DS2500 front/rear
•Brembo floating brake disc
•Recaro Pole position
•Roll cage SPARCO
•Dump valve Bonalume 
•Cobra Sport Non Resonated Cat Back Performance Exhaust 63.5mm 
•TBF Performance skat décat 
DNA racing front top mount
•DNA Racing rear anti roll bar adjustable 
•DNA Racing front lateral subframe tie rods kit 
•DNA Racing front sway bar tie rods on uniball 
•DNA Racing track day torque arm gearbox-engine support kit 
•DNA Racing "Fast road" engine support distribution side kit 
•DNA Racing Front strut bar kit 
•Full Powerflex 
•Arqray spoiler 
•Cadamuro Carbon Front mask BIPOSTO 
•Cadamuro Fiberglass bonnet BIPOSTO
•Cadamuro Fenders Evoluzione 
•Lithium Battery (1kg)

Who's been your tuner/mechanic and collaborators for this project?

My little yellow is maintained and prepared by Joseph Carlesso from Garage Guth (@garageguth5) , bodywork level by Pascal Klein from center Alsace bodywork and the tuner is Digitronic.

What new modifications are you planning to add next?

We are currently working with Cadamuro on a rear diffuser with carbon fins. 
Also for this winter, we will completely remove the air conditioning system, switch to Makrolon windows and certainly forge the engine block to switch to 1446hybrid.
After that I think I have reached the end of the project

From this long list of modifications, which ones do you prefer the most?

The Prometeo selflocking and the increased Prometeo crankcase are really modifications that bring a plus to the car. In terms of reliability and efficiency it's quite impressive ...
I really liked the CAE and the Recaro seats, which provide incomparable driving sensations 
After that, it's really a set that makes me adore this car more and more, the DNA racing elements give an impressive stability to the car, the Cadamuro elements give a furious look to the car.
In short, if a modification does not bring me satisfaction, I change it ;)

If someone wanted to see your Abarth in action or maybe even try their luck against it, which tracks do you usually frequent?

So I mainly ride on the Rhine ring, Chènevières, Nurburgring and Hockenheim.

Will you sell your Abarth one day? Although seeing the long list of modifications and time you've been with it, doesn't seem like a crazy question to ask.

So it's not specially planned, but you never know what the future holds.
The desire to take an assetto corse is great but so are the constraints.

Thank you very much for your time Koch!

Make sure you follow Koch on instagram @_abarth_595clubsport_ and show him love! 

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