Thoughts on the "New" F595

Thoughts on the "New" F595

Competizione, Turismo, Esseesse, Pista, F595....

You might think the above mentioned models would carry significant differences between them, but if you own or ever owned an Abarth, you know they are almost identically the same with some different factory pieces that get eaten up after market... It's basically the same car, unless you're some fool that really buys into this fictitious hierarchy of names that mean close to nothing one from the other.

The Record Monza exhaust is a raspy and noisy piece of exhaust that comes from the factory, but as Abarth owners lets not act like its probably one of the first parts people tend to swap for big juicy pipes. So then, why make the same exhaust but with vertical tips? It's kind of laughable to be honest, as it's the centre point of attention for this new model. Oh! let's not forget about the details in blue... Very innovative! (note the sarcasm).

So what are they doing exactly? If you were asking me, I would say they are trying to appeal to non Abarth owners with fancy names and somewhat questionable aesthetic modifications. Which in turn will lead to disappointment in the future, when these new Abarth owners learn a bit more about the features of all the previously released models. 

Abarth was the brand that would fit an engine that wouldn't fit, and make a car that wasn't supposed to go as fast as it did. Obviously, this isn't the case anymore. We are thankful that after market-wise there are many passionate fans that do really crazy things with the little scorpion, these are the people that help Abarth bring sales, making crazy over the top cars. As they were meant to be.

Some of you may say "hey Just! don't you know that due to regulations, they are not permitted to do such things". We get that, but if that is the case; pumping out new models with silly misleading slogans seems like a laughable way to go honestly.

Formula 4 technology... Let's not get into that, it's the worst marketing ploy we've seen so far, when you're still pumping out 165HP. Counting that anyone that's into modifying they're Abarth, will in turn add an even more powerful after market ECU program with modifications. Rendering your FORMULA 4 BS useless.

We say it all the time. You're much better off buying the most basic Abarth you can find, saving upon purchase and then spending all that hard earned money on some juicy after market parts that will really help you create a real Abarth! Carlo would be proud of that no doubt!

Summed up. We think if this is the kind of effort we are expecting for the new electric models (coming in 2024) then I think we should just give up hope now, as it could probably be one of the biggest disappointments we as Abarthisti can feel in the coming future. (let's hope we're wrong) *fingers crossed* 

Comment down below what you think of the new F595 and the direction this is going in! We really want to know!



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Nathan Rowe

Nathan Rowe

It’s just the same as my Pista but with stupid vertical exhausts, naff alloys, blue exterior finishers and a slightly different badge….. why!?

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