Discover the Community. - Meeting Aitor @Spanish_2fast4u

Discover the Community. - Meeting Aitor @Spanish_2fast4u

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new blog post for "Discover the Community" section. We've got a treat for you to say the least!

Looking out for unique Abarths, there's no doubt that Aitor (@Spanish_2fast4u) is an Abarthisti we needed to get in touch with. Great to have him share part of his Abarth journey and give us further information on his project that has really been taken to the next level.

So without further ado, here we discover more about @spanish_2fast4u. Hope you enjoy.


Hola Aitor! Thanks for agreeing to collaborate with us on this post! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came about to joining the Abarth world!

- Hello everyone. My name is Aitor, I’m 34 years old and I come from a beautiful island called Menorca, in the Balearic Islands. Although I’ve been living in Madrid for many many years.

To be honest my previous cars have mostly been American. I felt like I needed a radical change, even more while living in the city center. I was looking for a small and sporty car that was easy to drive and most importantly; it needed to have personality. That’s why I chose Abarth. In fact, at first I was looking for a more economical version which would be the series 2 Abarth (2008-)  but I ended up getting a 2017 Competizione with a fair bit of extras and low mileage.



Can you share with us a list of your mods?

- Of course! Here is a detailed list.
Shorter Gearbox @jelicanin_motorsport
Cams ST1 & head MACHINED @alex_paternoster @_aaperformance_
@cbbracing TD04RS Turbo
Forged @pistalracing pistons
@zrp_rods Forged rods 
@arpbolts bolts
9 liters @orra_racing Intercooler manifold 4-1 70" downpipe
@orra_racing Low intake
620cc injectors
Ngk Race spark plugs
@exhaustskullgarage 63,5 (2,5") Full exhaust silenced
@scara.73 pulleys
@prometeomeccanica Oil Pan
@prometeomeccanica LSD
Odissey 6kg battery
Bonalume ES1 Blow off valve
AEM AFR & EGT Gauges
@preparazioni_chiara Depo 4-1 Gauge
@dnaracingcomponents Full Chasis
@dnaracingcomponents Engine upper
@dnaracingcomponents Torque 
KW V3 Coilovers
@pagidracing RST3 red pads
@helperformancespain Brake lines
@protrackwheels 17" 4x100 ET 20
215/40/17 Yokohama A052
@pakelolubricantsspain 10w60 engine oil
@motul 75W140 Gearbox
@evanscoolant_es conversión 180 refrigerant
@dnaracingcomponents Shifter
@crimen_design Custom rear Rollcage
@funkmotorsport Heat Sleeve, turbo blanket, gold tape...
@scorpione_sportiva carbon Fiber Spoiler
@sforzacarbon skirts and rear diffusser
@raveworks full carbon fiber indoor and outdoor
@cadamurodesign fenders and front diffusser
@premium_glass tinted Windows and tail lights
@la_tana_del_tuner front headlights
@scara.73 Carbon Fiber hood
@recaroautomotive pole position seats
@plasma_projects Okada bobine
@_aaperformance_ Oil cooler


From this long list of mods, which ones would be your favourite? the ones you notice the most.

- No doubt these would have to be my top 3 mods: the Prometeo self locking differential. The 1:1 straight-cut gear for 5th and the DNA Shifter.


Who's been your tuner/mechanic and collaborators for this project?

- Like some of you may already know, all the mods have been done at Jelicanin Motorsport, my trusted garage here in Madrid. They have a lot of experience with Abarth and Fiat group cars.

Together with Flavio (the owner) and Gastón (one of the mechanics) have done all the work on the car. Aesthetically and under the bonnet. They’ve  spent many many hours working on it and treating it as if it was their own.

As for car parts, advice and mapping I’ve trusted in Alex (one of the CEOs of A&A Performance). Together with Andrea, they’ve really helped me get the best performance from my Abarth. Without them this wouldn’t of been possible.



What else have you got planned for the car this year?

- Before the year is over, we are going to add polycarbonate windows, Biposto style, carbon fiber mirror caps and generally to add lighter parts.

For the engine in 2022 im looking to add a Snow Performance Methanol Kit and maybe add a GTX2860 and a manifold with an external wastegate. Still to be decided.

Aesthetically, I would like to add the 70 Anniversario Kit from Cadamuro as well as other carbon fiber goodies from CHD Tuning.

Basically the plan would be to do some severe weight reduction. 


Which other Abarth (if there’s been one) has inspired some ideas for your project?


- There hasn’t been an exact car, rather I´ve gotten inspiration from different projects and have helped me create my own unique vision of the car.

Italy is a hotbed for Abarth and its the place where we get many ideas.

My bonnet for example was inspired by B. Cappielo, where he had red lines on it I decided to add them in white. Engine wise, videos from Alex (A&A Performance) were also a source for inspiration.

Abarthracer, Koch, Angelo, Renato are all examples of Abarths taken to another level.



Are you getting rid of the Abarth anytime soon? Or do you see yourself holding on to it for a long time?


- I don’t plan on getting rid of the Abarth anytime soon to be honest. Its a car I love and it transmits to me all the feelings I need. I love to enjoy trackdays on a 300HP Abarth and a more old school driving experience.



Thank you Aitor! It's been a pleasure!

We hope hope you've enjoyed todays post! If there's anything you'd like to inquire about this project, you can contact Aitor directly on Instagram @spanish_2fast4u.

Have you got a rad Abarth in mind for us to create a post about? Shoot us a message and we'll gladly take a look!  MORE TO COME!





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